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We’ve grouped your most common questions into two categories: Pricing and Services.



Q: Compare Unique Builders service with other Houston contractors?

qa1A:  Unique Builders has over 30+ years of experience serving Greater Houston homeowners and an exceptional BBB A+ rating. We focus on quality remodeling project where many of our customers come back to us for repeat service and refer us to there friends and families. Our prices focus on quality delivery of remodeling projects, trained and experienced remodeling contractors and attention to detail on every remodeling project.

Quality, quality, quality is our job #1, regardless of the size, value, budget of the project. We do complete remodeling of homes, room additions, bathrooms, kitchens and more. Our customer wants QUALITY workmanship and they want to make sure that the renovation is done right the first time.

Q: What is the cost of a bathroom remodeling as an example?

A: Remodeling a bathroom in 2017 costs an average of $9,600 to $16,524 in Harris County – Houston metro area.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Houston Texas in 2017

Q:  I need a lot done in my bathroom, but I don’t want to spend much – I’m thinking $4-5k.  Can you help?

A: If you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIF) then this type of budget could potentially work for materials and doing the project. Our clients are typically seeking professionally done, insured and experienced renovation contractors where the remodeling is done right the first time. Unique Builders bring 30+ years of local remodeling experience working on thousands of Houston homes, we know how to ensure that your remodeling project is completed on time and on budget and the work is done to your satisfaction.

Q: Do you only focus on large renovation projects?

A:  We have two types of projects, simple and custom. Simple projects typically run in short cycles from $2,500 to $20,000 range. While custom remodeling projects can be $20,000+.  Therefore, you can count on us to deliver small, medium and large projects with precision, quality of results and exceptional customer service.

Q: Is financing or payment plans available?

A: Yes. Give us a call to discuss your projects and we can provide you with more information to help get your project financed. We provide all refinancing terms, payments and specifics, call us.

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Q:  We need to install walk-in shower and remove the older standard-size tub. We need this done in a hurry, how quickly can this get done?

Unique Builders Texas Service FAQ

A: Our team will work with you to discuss the type of walk-in shower you are seeking and then provide you with a written estimate and time to get the project completed. Our team can prioritize your project based on your specific requirements and needs. If you do need super fast service due to medical need or other reasons, please call us to discuss your specific time requirements and we can see what we can do to accommodate your project.

Q: We need to remodel a bathroom shower with very low step in for my mother who is 85 years old. Can you design a shower with low step in?

A: Yes, we have a lot of options to help design a shower with low step in. We can implement designs with 0″ to 5″ height for the shower floor. We can incorporate many other design options to ensure the shower is safe such as “grip” surface, safety handles, and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with specifics.

Q: Last time we renovated a bathroom via a remodeling contractor, it took months to complete. Shall we plan for similar timeframe if we use Unique Builders?

A:  No, unless you are doing a very large master bathroom remodeling and there are issues with plumbing.  We will provide you with a written estimate, timeline, and budgets.  This will give you a good idea about the quality of remodeling professionals you are working with. We focus on delivering on time, on a budget, highest quality products and services for our customers. We have built a solid reputation over the past 30 years working with thousands of homeowners, call us for referrals.

Q: Can we purchase our own materials and hire your crew to install it? Does that work?

A: Yes, but there are challenges with this approach. There is a lot of small items which are missed during the order process that is likely custom to your home. When your home was built by the builder, they likely leveraged the best products offered during that period. Many plumbing fixtures and moldings, tiles, cabinets, sinks, etc does not all fit together. It’s our knowledge and experience working with thousands of products and custom projects that help us order the right materials to get the job done right with speed and quality.  Call us to discuss your specific requests and allows us an opportunity to provide you with more details.

Q: Our bathroom showers have tile, which is difficult to keep clean, do you recommend “faux” looking or plastic alternatives?

A: We do not provide any “cover-up” plastic or “faux” products as these products. We recommend creating a solid wall vs. tile and grout to reduce maintenance and ensure better leak proof showers.  Give our shower replacement and remodeling experts a call with your specific questions and requirements and we will find the best solution for your budget.

Q: Do you offer custom designed titles for our bathroom renovation?

A:  Yes, our team does a lot of tile work in bathrooms and kitchens.  The tiles are waterproofed and we adhere to Tile Council of North America (TCNA) guidelines. Many tile installers do not know what TCNA is and for sure they don’t know what the guidelines are. We first listen to your requirements and then provide you with the best solutions for your bathroom remodeling projects – call us today!

Q: Only need to replace the sink, faucets, and countertops, is this too small of a project for you guys to handle?

A:  No, we handle all size projects. Large or small, give us a call with your requirements. We offer replacement vanity with installation and all plumbing and turn-key project options. We have our crew licensed plumber, so better to leverage our certified crew vs. hiring a handyman.

Q: Do you offer the product that goes right over existing tile and tub or other options like that?

A:  No, we do not offer such products because when we do remodeling we want to be sure there is no mold, mildew, pest issues or plumbing issues behind the tiles and tubs. We offer complete shower or tub replacement, this includes tear-out, inspection of the plumbing and making any fixes by a licensed plumber part of our crew. Then we replace the tub, shower, cabinets, faucets, shower heads, tile, railing, etc.  We provide top quality custom bathroom remodeling for our customers.

Q: I am an investor and like to handle some of the remodeling using my crew but need help with some of the tile work, can you help?

A: Yes, we are here to help. We have residential, commercial customers and many of our customers are investors, property managers, and realtors.

Q: I have called several remodeling contractors to get an estimate for my master bathroom remodeling project. How quickly can I get an estimate from you?

A: We complete an over the phone consultation to discuss your needs, scope, and budget. Once we have completed this preliminary understanding, upon confirming the details we will coordinate an in-house consultation.

Q: The shower pan is leaking, the tile walls are fine, just need the shower pan area reworked. Do you do that?

A:  These type of repair jobs are not something we handle.

Unique Builders Texas FAQ

Q: Do you repair the faucet, small leaks, tile repair, marble repair, fixtures, and re-caulking?

A: We are a remodeling and renovation contractor services, therefore, small repairs and specialty repairs are not areas we service.

Q:  What about warranty?

A: Most of the products and materials come with manufacture warranty and our labor we provide a worry-free warranty. Simply call us and we handle the work.

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