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Need a custom bathroom hassle-free renovation?

Unique Builders & Development design award-winning custom bathrooms for Houston homeowners. We specialize in shower replacement, bathtub replacement, design and install custom showers. You can have your dream bathrooms with the most up to date design, simply give us a call to start.

Master bathrooms are your personal space to relax and often wind-down for the day by taking a bath and soak in the tub/spa or hot shower and relax for the day. The environment of the master bathroom should be comfortable, luxurious, soothing to your soal. Well, that’s how we feel when we design a master bathroom with your requirements.

When it comes to other bathrooms, like kids bathrooms and guest bathroom they need to flow with the home design and give it that personal touch that gives the house the feel of your home. Our design team works closely with you to understand your style, your desires for your bathroom remodeling project, your budget and timeline to get the renovation done.

Houston Master Bathroom Remodeling | Guest Bathroom Renovation Houston

We have different types of service, where we can do a tub replacement and shower resurfacing fast, in and out service for the business homeowner, and then the custom design, which takes a lot more time because its a complete remodeling project for your master bathroom and potentially other bathrooms in your home.

When custom designing and remodeling your master bathroom, our design team will work with you to discuss and show you color, texture, different types of materials, styles, shower frames, frameless options, hardware, spa design, faucet, and showerheads options, and many other details.  Flooring, walls, cabinets, patterns — everything will be custom designed to home your taste and style.

When we are done with the remodeling of your master bathroom, guest bathroom, and kids’ bathrooms, we love hearing – “WOW! AMAZING BATHROOMS!

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Bathroom Remodeling - Unique Builders
Bathroom Remodeling - Unique Builders

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Are you interested in updating other aspects of your bathroom design? We offer a variety kitchen remodeling services guaranteed to transform your bathroom into the one you dream about. We can help.

Designing more than just bathroom, we design memories …

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Professional Houston Home Remodeling & Renovations

Renovating the Houston, Texas Area for Over 30 Years

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