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  • We use the same software and tools used by the insurance adjusters.
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Flood Damage Houston Home Renovation ContractorsWater damage from storms can devastate your home in a very short time. Heavy rain, flooding, strong winds and fallen trees from hurricanes and storms can all result in serious damage and loss of property and possessions. Although the storm may have passed, dealing with the aftermath is one of the most difficult challenges a homeowner can face.

As soon as your property is flooded, the clock starts ticking. It takes less than 24 hours for clean water to start creating mold spores and even less if that water had been affected by other contaminants. You’ll need to act quickly to minimize the water damage to your home. At times like these, you need someone like us. You can rely on Unique Builders and Development’s expertise to help.

home-kitchen-before-after-storm-damageCONTACT UNIQUE BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT if your home in the Greater Houston, Texas area has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We are neighbors helping neighbors and we offer the highest quality, reliable storm damage restoration and other disaster restoration services. We will help you rise above your situation and will work quickly and tirelessly to ensure your home is returned to its pre-damaged state. Even with minimal damage, you’ll need our state of the art restoration equipment to efficiently clean and restore your storm-damaged home.

IF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY HARVEY, you’ll need a professional storm damage expert with the experience and knowledge to correctly repair the damage with zero mistakes or delays. Unique Builders & Development has over 30 years’ experience and calls Houston home. We have seen our friends, family, and neighbors devastated by hurricane and tornado damage and are here to help navigate the road to recovery.


WATER EXTRACTION DRYING DE-HUMIDIFICATION Houston Renovation ContractorsFirst things first, we’ll need to get the water out before we can begin any restoration or repairs. Our #1 Objective is to reduce the severity of your loss and prevent any further damage to your structure or possessions while making sure that you and your family are safe from harm.

Flood water extraction from your property can be daunting, dirty and dangerous and requires specialized equipment. Even though a wall or floor can feel dry to the touch, there can be high levels of moisture trapped in the walls and the flooring materials. If you fail to thoroughly remove the moisture, your costs will grow significantly and you are subject to hazardous mold growth and other health issues from contamination. Our highly trained professionals and extensive experience in Storm Damage Restoration can help.

REMEDIATION REMOVAL CLEAN-UP Houston Renovation ContractorsTrash and debris everywhere and it must be removed. Your structure and contents must be thoroughly decontaminated, cleaned and sanitized to prevent health risky contaminants from affecting your home and family. Unique Builders and Developments’ restoration professionals are equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment to clean up after any water or storm damage.

Depending on the nature and scope of your damage, our specialized content restoration staff perform a detailed room by room inspections. Non-salvageable items are documented for insurance reimbursement while salvageable items are cleaned and restored. We are able to successfully navigate the claims process with you as well.

INSURANCE CLAIMS MANAGEMENT Houston Restoration ContractorsWe understand how frustrating it can be to face damage to your home and property. We know how difficult it can be to navigate the insurance claims process as well. Most homeowners only experience this once in their lifetime and it is a devastation when it occurs. Unfortunately, not having experience in the claims process puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to the insurance company. As experts in damage restoration. we know all the little things that can easily be missed or overlooked – and how they can really add up!

Fortunately, Unique Builders & Development can help even the playing field for you. Unique will manage your claim and negotiate for you, so you can get the most out of your insurance policy. Our extensive experience working with insurance companies on behalf of property owners ensures that you won’t fall victim to a storm chasing company or low-balled settlement offer.

FILLING AN INSURANCE CLAIM Houston Renovation ContractorsFollowing are consumer advocates’ tips for filing – and collecting — an insurance claim:

Report your claim as promptly as possible. Insurance companies handle claims on a first come, first served basis. You’ll need to make sure your claim exceeds your deductible and note your claim number, which is used to locate your claim.

Keep receipts for expenditures for repairs needed to secure your home as well as living expenses, such as hotels and meals if you couldn’t promptly return home following the storm. For wind claims, you should be reimbursed for additional living expenses, but if your claim is limited to flood insurance, additional living expenses aren’t covered.

When the insurance company adjuster comes to survey your damage: ask if he or she is an employee or an independent adjuster hired by the company. If your representative is an independent adjuster, ask if they are authorized to make claim decisions and payments on behalf of your insurance company.  Also, ask for the name of the in-house company adjuster to whom the independent adjuster will forward your information.

Many insurance companies will recommend a contractor for you, but you aren’t obligated to use them — you have a right to hire your own contractor. Beware of fly-by-night operations or storm chasers and choose a local, reputable company that is familiar with the area and understands your situation.

Keep good records and take lots of photos of your damaged property. Note what your insurance company says and does- or doesn’t say or do- with your claim.

If the settlement offer is too low, file an appeal. Ask for your insurer’s position in writing and make sure its response contains the specific language used to deny or limit your claim. “Claim and coverage disputes are rarely black and white or simple,” United Policyholders’ Amy Bach said. If all else fails, complain to your state insurance regulator or hire a lawyer.

FILLING AN INSURANCE CLAIM Houston Renovation Contractors What-to-expect-after-you-apply-teaser_small

Follow the same procedure for a flood insurance claim, but direct complaints to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA oversees the National Flood Insurance Program. “Flood insurance claims after both Katrina and Sandy were handled very badly, and many Sandy claims are still being settled,” CFA’s Hunter said. “This sad history should not deter you from seeking fair compensation for losses caused by Hurricane Harvey.”

“Prepare to push for a fair and full insurance settlement,” said Amy Bach, executive director of United Policyholders, which represents consumers. “We’ve seen too many disasters in which residents face the second nightmare after the storm passes and they start dealing with their insurance companies.”

A similar message came from Director of Insurance J. Robert Hunter of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a former Texas insurance commissioner.

“Because so many consumers experienced severe claims problems in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, we urge homeowners dealing with losses caused by Hurricane Harvey to be vigilant with their insurance companies, including the insurers settling National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims, to ensure that these homeowners receive a full and fair settlement,” Hunter said.

Before-after-flood-renovationThe final phase is to repair the damaged areas as quickly as possible. Unique Builders and Development’s team of professionals does it all: from carpet replacement or hardwood floor restoration to drywall and painting, we can get your home back to pre-damaged state quickly. We will work closely with you and your insurance company to help you restore your home and your daily life as fast and efficiently as possible. You’ve been through enough already and we are here to help you regain your normalcy, without the hassle.

FINAL INSPECTION Houston Renovation ContractorsYour satisfaction is guaranteed and our work is too. We stand behind our work with an extensive warranty, providing you with peace of mind and top-quality restoration. Our trained professionals at Unique Builders and Development will conduct a final inspection upon completion of our restoration. We will make sure that your home is 100% restored to your satisfaction and will never leave your home half done or incomplete in any manner before we leave.

Together, we have weathered the storm of Hurricane Harvey. Together, we will Rebuild Houston. We will help you navigate the chaos and complexity of disaster restoration.

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