What Your Bathroom is Trying to Tell you


One of the reasons why you aren’t able to hear what your bathroom has to say to you is because you have become so immune to it; you overlook things that may need to be updated. Bathroom remodeling is essential. You may not think that you need to remodel right away but there will come a time when the paint will start to come off, cracks will appear on your tiles, and the stains won’t wash off. If that time is already here, then you have come to the right place.

Here are signs that your bathroom is in an urgent need of a makeover: 


They just never seem to leave, even after scrubbing it a thousand times. Too often, it happens when stains have been left for too long or had permanent dyes that have claimed the walls for themselves. It could either be due to a leaky, rusted pipe behind the wall or dirt stains you didn’t clean right then and there. Well, now that they are starting to bother you, it’s time to go for a paint job.

Cracked Tile:

No matter how small, even a single crack on the tiles can ruin a perfect-looking bathroom floor. Furthermore, cracked tiles are not a thing to be taken lightly, especially if you have little ones in your house. If left unattended for long, they can became a hurdle in smooth walking and also become a breeding ground for all sorts of parasites and insects. Bathroom remodeling is one way to fix that floor!

Peeled off Paint:

This could happen due to two reasons: either the walls have leaky pipes running behind them which cause the water to soaked the paint and peel off over time or you just invested in a low-quality paint to save a few pennies.

Missing Grout:

Although this is seemingly a smaller problem, this could very well make your bathroom appear tackier. There could be multiple reasons (corrosion, an additional gap between tiles, cracks, mildew growth, or structural damage) as to why it happens.

Leaky Faucets:

Have you been hearing odd water running from the walls? No, it’s not the aliens trying to interact with you; it’s just a leaky faucet which, if left unattended, will flood you with high water bills. Continuous dripping can result in an unexpected buildup and can cause the walls to crack or remain damp all the time. Therefore, unless you have already packed for some major flooding hazards, you better get a professional to come and check it before it’s too late.

Lingering Odors:

Most people would agree that despite their mode of use, bathrooms are always a comforting place to be in. They offer privacy and an escape from all the noise. You come in here to splash water on your face, to wash off any worries visible on your frown, enjoy some quite time in the bath tub with scented candles and a glass of wine in hand, or use the toilet to stop feeling bloated. But if your bathroom smells, then chances are that your exhaust has stopped functioning properly, making it difficult for the odors to escape. You may be accustomed to it but not everyone will, especially if you have a date coming over. So do think about fixing it and begin that bathroom remodeling project!

We understand that bathroom remodeling can be expensive but if you have been facing any of the above-mentioned issues in your Houston home, consider it a sign that it’s time for a fix!

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