Kitchen Designs Small Space

UBT kitchen - kitchen designs small space Houston Home Remodeling

Kitchen Designs Small Space Houston Home Remodeling

The kitchen is where the family comes together – the veritable center of any house. This is the place where the little ones do their homework, eat, cook, and share laughs. But imagine if you have a small space. In such a scenario, you will have to plan more cautiously.

Are you curious about what the best small kitchen designs in Houston are? Read on to find out the 6 most popular kitchen designs today.

  1. Open kitchen

For a more spacious space, bring down those walls! Have an open kitchen that is separated from the dining room by an island. If the view outside is scenic – a beautiful urban city or a landscape from an elevated apartment, you may seriously consider going for a gigantic ceiling to floor windows. The huge windows will turn your space into an elegant sun room, reaping all the benefits of the Houston sun.

  1. Mirrored cabinetry

A great way to make a small kitchen have the appearance of a larger space is to go for kitchen designs with mirrored cabinets. The reflection will make the kitchen look sleek and big.

  1. Black and white kitchen

There is a misconception regarding the color black in small spaces. Black does not make spaces look congested – in fact, like white, it has a somewhat visual impact upon the observer. Black gives an impression that the removes the visual barriers from the perception, making the room appear as if it extends into infinity. Innovative kitchen designs in Houston follow the pattern of chic black and white checkered flooring, black quartz countertops, black or white cabinets

  1. Create clever storage

A major concern for small cooking spaces is how to deal with storage so that the place does not end up cluttered all the time. Implement kitchen designs that make the most of the space. Open shelves, drainers that hold the cutlery, hooks over the wall adjacent to the oven to hold cooking utensils are some of the intelligent ways to make the diminutive kitchen look spick and span.

  1. A well-lit kitchen

If there is a lot of light flooding into the kitchen, the kitchen won’t feel small at all. You do not have to have fancy cabinets with great detailing – even simple cabinet designs will make the kitchen look smooth. For a more modern appearance, you may have a huge glass door that opens to the patio which will keep the narrow kitchen well-lit all the time. Walnut colored cabinetry, and neutral flooring will synchronize with the green outdoors.

  1. Small Furnishings

Decorate the kitchen with those furnishings in a small kitchen that have a small footprint. Huge furnishing will again make the space packed. Small kitchen furniture looks elegant and welcoming and there are minimal chances of you tripping over the kitchen furniture.

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