Attic Remodeling Offers Space often Overlooked

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your home?

Families evolve, whether through the birth of children, acquiring new possessions, or an increase in pay at work.

That charming little bungalow you started out in often becomes reminiscent of a sardine can.

Too few bedrooms, too many toys, too much “stuff,” people stumbling over one another and the kitchen- let’s not even go there!

Now what?

You do have options

Move or Remodel

Moving is a dreaded event. Realtors, home viewings, new location, new school district. And that’s not even mentioning the tedious packing and unpacking and moving trucks.

You know how that will go.

Remodeling is your other option. You can design your home the way you want and need it to be. Creating space that works for YOUR busy life instead of settling for space that was designed for others. It makes much more sense, right?

Think it’s going to cost an arm and a leg?

You’d be surprised! With easy financing options and designs created around your budget, remodeling has quickly become a favored option.

Many homeowners love their neighborhoods and their home, it’s just not functional any longer. With remodeling, you can stay in your beloved neighborhood and the little ones don’t have to switch schools, you won’t have to worry about getting used to your surroundings or a new commute either!

Think you don’t have the space?

Think again! You can build UP instead of Out! Yes, we’re talking about one of our oft-overlooked spaces in our home- THE ATTIC!

Creating Space in your attic may be JUST the solution! Room Additions afford us the opportunity to design what works for us and the attic is no exception.

There are several options for an attic remodel, the most popular being Master Bed/Bath Suites, Home Gyms and Media Rooms. With vaulted ceilings, this immensely underrated space even provides the opportunity to add skylights, making the attic seam even more spacious.

For added space AND increased value to your home, consider Building UP, not OUT.

For Some Ideas of what YOU can do with YOUR attic, view our gallery of Attic Remodeling Ideas below.

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