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Kitchens have always been the center of attraction of many homes and this is the reason home designers keep on coming up with new kitchen designs. Are you one of those individuals who are planning to redesign their kitchen and modernize it according to the latest trends? No worries! Here we have 5 amazing ideas to make your kitchen look no less than a modern work of art.

1. Select the Right Color Combination

Nothing can beat the class of a black and white combination whether they are clothes or kitchen accessories! No matter how many new styles come out every day, the classic appeal of a black and white palette never gets old. There’s a plethora of kitchen designs available in Houston which ensure that you will never fall short on combinations and patterns. You can opt for white polished cabinets combined with granite countertops or vice versa.

2. How About a Colorful Sink?

Bored of the old traditional kitchen stainless steel sinks? Opt for something more lively and colorful! After the much loved colored kitchen cabinets, there is another addition to the latest kitchen designs; the colorful sinks. Even if your kitchen is designed with a basic neutral color palette, a colored sink can add the much needed pop of color along with adding new life to the kitchen. You can draw attention to the kitchen sink by adding the same shade to the backsplash area as well.

3. Hands-Free Faucet

Moving ahead from the color palettes, the latest kitchen designs for homes in Houston are also perfect for all the tech savvy homeowners. Forget about the sensor-activated lights and get ready for the latest kitchen upgrade; the hands-free faucets. Water faucets are often left open by family members due to several reasons which lead to wasting water. A hands-free faucet senses motion as you place your hands beneath the tap and automatically closes the water just as you remove your hands from there. Thus, installing a hands-free faucet in the kitchen will be a perfect choice for little kids who are unable to reach the faucet knobs and even for those cooks who leave the tap open due to dirty hands.

4. Wooden Countertops are the Latest Fashion

Homeowners usually opt for common materials like quartz, granite, and laminate but now we are not limited to just these options for countertops. The new kitchen designs in Houston are all about wooden countertops! However, you can also combine wood with other materials like marble and modernize your kitchen to keep the elegance intact.

5. Install Multi-Tiered Drawers

Although cabinets and drawers are the commonly used storage spaces in the kitchen but are they enough to store your kitchen items? Maybe not! Storage is always a major concern especially for the kitchens which are smaller in size. This problem can be solved by building smartly designed, multi-tiered drawers. They will not just store all the necessary items preventing them from cluttering up on the countertops but you will also get a stylized version of the regular kitchen drawers.

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