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Searching for ways to give your home a refreshed new look? Before calling in a contractor, check out what’s in and what’s out when it comes to 2021’s home improvement trends in Houston. Take a look at our pick of the most hyped improvements this year to ensure a stylish and up-to-date look for your home.

Bye bye bathtubs, hello shower stands:

To say the very least, 2021 has been the “Bathroom Remodel” year. Long gone are those days when homeowners invested in tub-centric bathroom designs with five-piece bathrooms and transforming them with walk-in shower stalls with multiple shower heads and seating. If you haven’t already invested in these, you need to seriously start thinking about it!

Oak flooring over engineered ones:

There was a time when engineering and laminate flooring enjoyed popularity, but not anymore! Changing our perspectives on how we view flooring, homeowners are now convinced that oak flooring not only looks good, but is also a good choice when it comes to the humidity and ever-changing weather conditions that cause gaps and separations on surfaces.

What’s in: Glass Tiles!

And what’s out is ceramics. Another highly-hyped trend this year, Houston homeowners looking for home improvement tips are now scrapping off the ceramics from their walls and indulging in glass tiles as a perfect substitute in their kitchens and bathrooms. Guaranteed to show fewer flaws than ceramics over years, these are a worthy investment to make.

Dark finishes are taking over Oak

It looks like Dark has taken over the old-fashioned cherry and oak cabinets with darker paint finishes and stains this year. Introduced in many fashion and home improvement magazines this year, interior designers have found a way to breathe new life into our old cabinets by applying different finishes to them. A perfect way to save thousands of dollars; what more can homeowners want when looking for home improvement ideas in their Houston homes?

Comfort Height toilets: the best thing EVER!

The start of 2021 dethroned the concept of lowboy toilet seats by introducing height-friendly options for homeowners having back issues and leg problems. Today’s comfort-height toilets feature accessible and easier seating than the standard ones. A true a blessing in disguise if you ask us!

It’s the age of Mid-range Appliances:

The advent of alternatives has been high this year as mid-range appliances in kitchen design are taking over the high-end appliances. Offering the same level of flair, they are just as nice and competent as the high-end versions, allowing homeowners the chance to save up on top of the line equipment.

Now that you know what the developing trends are, we hope you invest your money thoughtfully by making the right purchases and give your house a completely different and contemporary look!

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