The trend in bathrooms for homeowners has been pointing towards high end bathrooms. The American Institute of Architects has documented an almost one third increase in bathroom design activity as compared to the year previous. The Home Improvement market has picked up and is busier than ever before, and the increase is in both quality of design and a certain type of design. People want their homes to be luxurious and are using textiles, designs, and trendy finishes to create a sleek and stylishly designed bathroom that reflects that spa bathroom feel. His and her sinks, chic all black tiled showers, and genius finishing touches are all the rage in high end bathroom design.


Homeowners are more likely to wish that they had included certain items as part of their bathroom remodeling list. A survey found that the number one item homeowners regretted not installing in their bathroom was a heated floor. Heated floors are a fantastic addition to any luxury bathroom, but they need to be accounted for before work gets started on a bathroom and not after. When owners are planning on renovating luxury bathrooms, look for ideas and view other bathrooms for inspiration and to get clear about what you are looking for precisely when you are remodeling.

Unique Builders And Development at can help you create the luxury bathroom of your dreams. With a streamlined production and many tubs, sinks, flooring and more to choose from, Unique Builders helps by going through the process with you and helping you pick the right items for your ideal bathroom and listening closely to you to achieve the aesthetics and perfect design for your bathroom, capturing your vision. Enjoy relaxing in your beautiful new bathroom and feel like a homeowner that is kicking back at a day at the spa with your new high end bathroom.

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