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Homes are the biggest assets we own, so why not keep them updated with the evolving trends? Home additions vary depending on the size, location, and structure of the home.  Check out our 4 useful home addition ideas that you can consider incorporating into your home:

1.     Add an Entertainment Room to Your Home

Most of the homes in Houston typically include a living room with a sofa set, TV, and glass cabinets to display the decorative pieces. While all other items are apt for the living room, a television set might disturb the family members even if only one person is watching it. Living rooms are generally situated in the center of the home and remains directly in contact with all other rooms. Therefore, it’s better to create a separate entertainment room remodel which can be used for watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games. This Houston home addition is perfect for people who don’t want to disturb elderly family members with the noise of television.

2.     Bathroom Vanities Are Quite Helpful

Is your bathroom lacking the basic storage space for necessary items? Consider doing a bathroom remodel and build a bathroom vanity! Bathrooms these days are no less than other rooms of the home in every aspect whether it is for luxury, modern appeal, comfort, or functionality. Homeowners now prefer spacious bathrooms with lots of storage for their necessary bathroom items. The bathroom storage issues can be easily resolved by building a vanity with florescent lights installed in the backsplash.

3.     Add a Kitchen Library

Are you one of those people who need to refer to a cookbook while cooking? If the answer is yes, then doing a kitchen remodel by adding a library is the next must-have home addition for your Houston home! Stacking all your recipe books in a shelf far away from the kitchen leads to an extra hassle; therefore a mini-library built within the kitchen is all that you need. Measure the available space in your kitchen and see if there is any room for some shelves above the cabinets. A kitchen library is also a great addition for all literature-savvy home owners!

4.     Addition of an Indoor Swimming Pool

Like hosting pool parties? Then you must go for a swimming pool addition in your home! However, the size and location of the pool depends upon the available space and the total size of your home. An indoor pool is something you can add to your home for your personal use and for pool parties as well.

Building an in-ground swimming pool does not mean that you have to enclose it within concrete walls, instead you can build it inside a glass enclosure. Indoor swimming pools enclosed within glass walls tend to be more airy with sun light reflecting on the water through the glass. You can also enhance the space by placing a small water fountain or a few swimming pool chairs and benches.






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