12 Must Haves for Your Master Bathroom

Taking on a master bathroom remodeling project can be a fun and exciting adventure. Although the idea of the perfect master bathroom can vary greatly from person to person, there are a few features that are commonly considered to be indispensable if you plan to transform your master bathroom from average to exceptional. Below are twelve “must haves” for your next master bathroom remodeling project.master bathroom

1. Multi-head Shower: Don’t be afraid to turn your shower into a room of its own by installing a multi-head shower system along with bench seating and storage shelves. Adding the multi-directional water flow will definitely provide your shower with a little slice of paradise.

2. Ceramic Tile: There are several benefits of having a ceramic-tiled shower, not the least of which is how easy they are to keep clean. Ceramic tiles are also known for their ability to keep dust mites and fungi at bay, as well as prevent humidity.

3. Separate Toilet Room: Having a separate toilet is an essential element of a shared master bathroom, for the sake of maximizing space as well as offering greater privacy.

4. Double Sinks: No ideal master bathroom would be complete without double sinks and vanities. After all, nobody wants to compete for space.

5. His & Her Towel Racks: Everyone enjoys personalization, even in the bathroom. Install his & her towel racks to go along with the double vanities.

6. Walk-In Closet: A master bathroom with a walk-in closet simply makes life easier. Choose a large closet that can keep everything organized and well-placed.

7. Plenty of Counter Space: Maximize the available space in your master bathroom by installing generous counter space. Add decorative objects sparingly to enhance functionality.

8. Extra-Large Bathtub: One of the worst mistakes to make is to have an extravagantly-sized bathroom with a tiny tub. An extra-large bathtub will can serve as your own private oasis after a long day.

9. Sitting Area: Adding a comfortable sitting area to your master bathroom can provide a relaxing, spa-like feel to the entire space.

10. Generous Cabinet Space: There’s no such thing as too much cabinet space! You can fill your cabinet storage space with your more private toiletries, while keeping regular accessories and countertop decor on display.

11. Warming Lamp: Nobody wants to feel cold when they step out of the shower or bathtub. Add a warming lamp to give you a warm welcome on your exit.

12. Artwork: Wall art can add a simple but yet powerful element of flair to a master bathroom.

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