Small Kitchen Design Tips & Ideas

Small kitchens do not have to be cluttered and unorganized. In fact, the smallest kitchen that is designed correctly can provide the ideal space for the eager to cook homeowner. With small kitchen design tips to help get the ball rolling, it will be possible to realize a space that fits every pot and pan with ease as well as provides the perfect cooking environment. Small kitchens that are designed adequately truly bring out the cozy feeling every home should have.

Storage Space

small kitchenThe biggest concern in a small kitchen is storage space. If all of the pots and pans cannot be stored with ease, it will cause clutter and disarray. Thankfully, there are a few ways to overcome this obstacle in a practical way:

· Ceiling flush cabinets provide more space and provide a modern look to a home.

· Pot racks can add a bit of charm to a kitchen and open up cabinet space for other items.

· Shelving is a popular choice as of late and is also a cheap, fun way to provide much needed storage.

· Smaller appliances will free up valuable counter space.

· Deeper counters mean that more space will be available for cooking needs.

While it may be impossible to add more space to the kitchen, it is always possible to have the appearance of being bigger. This is one of the most vital areas of design and will provide a completely new look to the space. When glass cabinet doors are present, it provides the appearance of more space. This can be done with a kitchen island, cabinet doors or shelving. Whether clear or frosted glass is utilized, it will provide a rich, beautiful look.

Cooking Surfaces

With a small kitchen, there will always be the need for more cooking space. This can easily be accomplished with the use of a kitchen island that can be placed right in the middle of the space. This allows for food to be prepared with ease and even provides storage space in the form of cabinets below the surface. Larger kitchen islands can even provide a space for couples to enjoy an espresso or glass of wine with the comfort of a barstool.


The use of light can open up a space more than anything else. Natural light from windows is ideal, but there also needs to be practical lighting above the island, stove and preparation areas. This allows for a functional kitchen that is always well lit.

A smaller kitchen does not mean that the space cannot be functional and practical. The approach taken to the overall design will allow even the smallest space to feel cozy, allow for adequate space and be a pleasure to cook in. The added benefit of a small kitchen is the fact that there is less that can go into a design. Higher quality counters, cabinets and flooring will cost much less in a smaller space, which will provide a richer looking kitchen.

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