Top Ten Tips For Getting Bathroom Tile Right

Bathroom remodeling can turn a boring home into one that is filled with beauty. With bathrooms, there is one factor that is responsible for a remodel being a success or failure – the bathroom tile. If the bathroom tile is done properly, a bathroom will be beautiful and elegant. The following tips will ensure that every last piece of tile is perfect:bathroom-remodeling-houston45

Plan it out: Every last inch of tile should be planned out accordingly. If any plumbing work needs to be done, ensure that it will not interfere or damage any new tile that has been placed.

Pay attention to tiles and windows: Waterproofing tiles is of the utmost importance. If water gets behind the tile, it may become damaged or mold may grow. This normally occurs around windows or mirrors. Ensure the proper waterproofing is in place around these areas so that water is never an issue.

Leak protection: Around showers, special care needs to be taken for water leakage. Proper grading will ensure that water never finds its way out of the shower.

Pebble floors: While beautiful, pebble floors will take longer to drain. Always apply the appropriate pitch as well as epoxy grout to ensure that draining does not become an issue.

Details matter: Difficult tiling areas make a huge difference in the look of a remodeled bathroom. With bathroom remodeling, pay close attention to corners. Wrapping tiles appropriately means the entire area will look more natural as the grain will align correctly.

Bigger niches: Aligning tile with grout joints is much easier when bigger niches are used. One or two inches bigger will allow the project to go more smoothly and is much better than smaller niches which are more difficult to correct.

Start at the top: Begin by laying out all of the tile from the top. This will ensure any cut tile is not necessary and that everything lines up perfectly.

Cure slowly: Never rush a job when curing has not been able to take place. It is of the utmost importance to allow each step of the tiling process to cure naturally. This may mean a day or two extra to finish a job, but it will be done correctly.

Proper tile size: Tile layouts are only precise when the corresponding tile size is used. Always measure the tile that has been purchased to ensure that it matches the desired specifications. Different units of measurement can make a huge difference.

Drain fitting: A drain will be difficult to tile around. Placing the drain first so that tile measurements can be made will rectify the problem and ensure the tile around the drain fits appropriately.

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