The Pros and Cons of Under Cabinet Appliances

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a big, spacious kitchen? However, not everyone has the space, nor the budget to complete such a project so some ingenuity when it comes to designing is a key factor when you tackle a project such as small kitchen remodeling.

A solution to the small kitchen is to utilize under cabinet appliances. Most do not take up much room and are easy to install.

Things like a microwave are more of a necessity than a luxury item these days, and many people opt for the under cabinet models available. They free up counter space but will drastically limit the space available as they are quite tall. You can still utilize the space for plates, shallow bowls and storing smaller items.kitchens-for-small-apartments-modern-kitchen-ideas-for-small-kitchens-classic-shootingkitchen-77637

If you have more cupboard space available after installing a microwave, there are some really inventive solutions for things we use every day in the kitchen. An under cabinet spice rack is not only handy to have; it takes up very little space as it folds up when not in use. The same thing holds true for a knife holder. They fold flat up against the underside of the cabinet and allow you to utilize the counter space for food preparation. They are not difficult to install and are relatively inexpensive solutions to storing needed items.

Luxury items such as an under cabinet mixer or coffee maker are nice to have if you have the cupboard space available. They too, do not take up much room under the cabinet and are short enough you can even store a counter-top appliance underneath them.

It is easy to add these appliances to your older kitchen, but the best solution is to think about what you would like before you start planning your small kitchen remodeling project. That way, you can design the cupboards around the under cabinet appliances you have on your wish list. This will allow you to have the best kitchen design for your particular situation.

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