Small Kitchen Design

There is nothing more appealing than a large, open kitchen design. Unfortunately, most people will find that a project of this magnitude is completely out of their price range. Creating a small kitchen design can prove to be a challenge, but with just a few simple design tricks, it is possible to create the illusion that the space is much larger than it really is. At the end of the day, a kitchen does not have to be big for it to function well.

Flexibility is Keysmall kitchen design

Because the space is small, it is important that the kitchen be as flexible as possible. Counter and island space should be designed to take on the role of a prep area, cooking station or entertaining zone. For example, a long table can be included in the design that also acts a kitchen island. The island can be used to prepare food and then later be used as a dining table.

Another idea is to look for solutions that help to save on space, such as pull-out cutting boards or built-in pantries with doors that slide forward, rather than to the side.

Saving Space

To create the illusion of space, it is important to keep countertops free from clutter and small appliances. Tables that fold out from the wall can provide extra space for food preparation, but can then be folded away when no longer needed.

Choose the Right Colors

Many kitchen designers recommend creating a focal point in the room and choosing a color scheme that creates the illusion of space. To accomplish this goal, a light color scheme should be chosen. Adding a splash of color here and there helps too.

Focus on Lighting

If possible, allow for as much natural light to flow through the room as possible. This will help make the room feel much larger than it really is. When it comes to artificial lighting, choosing a mixture of different types works best. Adding spotlights underneath cabinets will provide some much needed light to countertops while also eliminating any dark corners in the kitchen. Darker areas of the kitchen can be opened up by adding accent lighting to different areas of the room.

small kitchen

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