A Step by Step Guide to Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Undertaking kitchen remodeling on a budget can be a challenge. Planning in advance is crucial if you’re going to stick to what you can afford without sacrificing quality. Here are five steps to ensuring that you get what you want without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Get estimates from multiple contractors. When you begin your research, be sure to check out the reputation of the contractors you’re calling. It is too much of a financial and emotional investment to leave to chance. Try to have at least four of the contractors with the best reputations come to your home to assess your kitchen and provide you with estimates.bathroom-remodeling-on-a-budget

Step 2: Do your own research about the cost of materials. Remember that buying the cheapest materials you can find may backfire, as they tend to be of lower quality and are unlikely to hold up well under the regular wear and tear of daily kitchen use.

Step 3: When setting up your budget, be sure to account for eating out and any convenience foods that you will need while your kitchen is out of commission.

Step 4: Build in an emergency buffer. The only thing that is certain with remodeling is that unexpected expenses will arise. However much money you think you will need, budget in 20% more for the almost inevitable detours you will encounter along the way.

Step 5: Get everything in writing and read the fine print. Don’t sign any agreements with your contractor until you have looked over everything carefully and have all questions answered to your satisfaction. Verbal agreements mean nothing, so get everything in writing.

Take the time to be meticulous with details during the planning phase of kitchen remodeling on a budget. The time you spend on this part of the project can save you thousands of dollars and many lost hours during the renovation process.

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