Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

According to a report released by the Remodeling magazine (2010-2011), ‘Cost Vs. Value’, mid range bathroom remodels actually get a 70% return on interest. This means that if you spend an average of $16,000 on remodeling costs, you’ll not only enjoy a luxurious bath but also get to recoup $11,200 when you sell your home, talk about getting a seller’s edge. With the benefits of remodeling your bathroom transcending beyond simple decor, it gets easy to understand why majority of homeowners want to make a heaven out of their bathrooms. Looking to mull over a number of bathroom remodeling ideas? The following read provides you with the latest trends on bathroom remodeling.

Out With the Jacuzzi in with the soaking tubbathroom remodeling ideas

If you are one of those people that enjoy a nice quite soak, then the soaking tubs are a must have. However, what’s even better than the serene and relaxing environment provided by soaking tubs is the fact that you don’t have to deal with the huge amounts of decking quite synonymous with tubs installed during the 80’s.

Size matters

Shower spaces are getting bigger and more airy as homeowners tear out tubs to expand showers and even take out partial shower walls. It’s all about bringing the spa experience right in to your bathroom. Along with the increased space also comes hinged doors in place of the sliding glass and more glass to make the room more airy.bathroom remodeling ideas

Steaming it off

The bathroom is unarguably the new den, and homeowners are not slow to make it the ultimate distressing zone. Steam baths are the in thing and folks are spending up to $ 5,000 to have their bathrooms configured. The configuration includes the installation of such features as floor drains, seats, a sloping ceiling to drain the condensation and a vapor tight door to insulate the room.

As bathrooms evolve in to more than just utilitarian spaces, the need to update and remodel your bathroom doesn’t come unexpected.

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