Creative Kitchen Remodeling

In many kitchens having a bit of extra space to work in can really make all the difference in the world. Can you imagine – no more bumping into things while cooking or tripping over yourself to find the sauté pan you need to make the perfect dinner? Well imagine no more, the following 10 tips to get more kitchen storage can free up real space fast! They may even inspire a kitchen remodeling that will leave you with the kitchen of your dreams!

1. One Answer is Above. kitchen remodeling
Many of us fail to make the most of our kitchen’s ceilings. Not only will installing a ceiling rack to hang pots and pans free up all sorts of space in your cabinets, it gives a great stylistic feel to your kitchen too. A true win / win! Just make sure you get a high quality rack that can hold the weight you’re hanging from it without problems and you are good to go.

2. Go to the Ceiling.
Another way to utilize your space above is to install cabinets that reach very close to you ceiling. Why not? There’s really no reason to limit your cabinet space to where you can reach. With the help of a small step stool the sky’s the limit and all this extra room will be much appreciated, won’t it?

3. Use Your Walls.
Your kitchen’s walls are the perfect place to hang things like utensils and maybe more. Scan your kitchen and check out your amount of free wall space. This is one way to get more kitchen storage you can likely even handle yourself or can be added to your remodel without much added time and effort at all!

4. Islands are Awesome.
One of the kitchen remodeling options that gives the most bang for the buck is installing a kitchen island. This not only gives more workspace to cook and prep food, but also storage space underneath. Another option is using your island to eat at. When you have the type of space they work well in they are absolutely brilliant and open all sorts of doors for kitchen storage creativity.

5. Install Cabinet Garages.
Ever consider how much space things like your coffee maker, microwave and so on take up on your counters? Cabinet garages for these types of things are a great kitchen remodeling move than can make free up a huge amount of space. They look real attractive too.

6. Amp Up Your Organization. kitchen remodeling
Being organized is worth its weight in gold when you need more kitchen space. Simple tricks like making sure all your knives are facing in the same direction in your drawers, that everything has its own place and in placed there and so on are just the tip of the iceberg. Get in the habit of having a organized kitchen!

7. Add Shelves.
Sometimes in our kitchen remodeling plans more or larger cabinets just don’t fit into the kitchen design. Adding shelves can be the next best thing giving you much more storage space. They also are an interesting design element that can bring a more open and spacey feel to your kitchen should you choose.

8. Storage You Can See Through.
Wine racks and other glass storage can expand your storage space without taking away from the classic kitchen feel. This is a way of eliminating clutter without a bit of style sacrifice, Glass storage that can be used for multiple items depending on both season and the need is often the best of choices.

9. Find Overlooked Spaces.
One of the ways an expert can help with kitchen remodeling is identifying and making suggestions on how to best use overlooked kitchen spaces. Believe it or not, every kitchen has them. Pick your experts brain for crafty ideas!

10. Trim Kitchen Fat.
Don’t be shy about donating or throwing away those kitchen items you haven’t used for years. When you have to make the most out of your kitchen storage this is an unavoidable necessity! Be self-disciplined and get it done.

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