Before Kitchen Remodeling Began

Nowadays, each one of us has a hygienic surface for food preparation, oven and cooktop with accurate temperature control, lighting and electric refrigeration, and cold and hot running water. With so many features we’re taking for granted though, it’s very easy to forget that these are all recent innovations. Before the twentieth century, food storage, preparation and cooking were time consuming tasks on a scale that none of us can imagine today. But before all of this, kitchen remodeling would have been quite different.

The first kitchens people used consisted of an open fire, and cooking pots where made of large stone that featured a hole in the middle. The pot would be placed over fire and water would be poured in the hollow space, and meats and other things would be cooked on hot stones, heated by the fire.

Roman Kitchens
In the time of the Great Roman Empire, the kitchens were located in the atrium, a place where the fire could escape without creating any dangerous situations for the locals. Later on though, the atrium got to be used as a living space, which brought a change to the kitchen’s location. As a result, kitchens were relocated to a separate room in the backside of the house. kitchen remodeling

Evolution of the Kitchen
Between the XII and the XVII centuries, the changes in kitchen technology focused on regulating open fires and to achieve that, many types of devices were created for adjusting the distance between the flames and the pot. By the early XVIII century, the timber stocks in Europe have depleted and as an alternative fuel, people started using coal. The only problem with it is that it required a new kind of hearth.

However, taking a closer look at the kitchens of the wealthy, it seems that entertaining became more frequent and also more important. Some of them featured their very own ice houses (which would facilitate cold storage) and long stone sinks with a piped cold water supply. Soon enough, cooking was no longer what it used to be, but actually a way through which people could express cultivation and refinement.

The Industrial Revolution

Not long after that, the Industrial Revolution started and the kitchen changed greatly, with the most significant innovation lying in the development of the enclosed iron stove. The stove also featured top plates for kitchen remodelingsimmering and boiling and an oven for roasting or baking. These ranges would not only supply hot water, but also warm the kitchen.
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