Unique Promises a Stellar Houston Remodeling Process

By: Roxanna Moore

What if we could promise you a Stellar Remodeling Process?

What if we could promise you a stellar Houston remodeling process? The kind of experience where you can rely on your remodeler to go the extra mile for YOU, deliver your remodeling project on time and budget, all while leaving your neighbors impressed instead of annoyed. We know it sounds too good to be true, but believe it or not, it’s the Unique Promise.

Our Unique Promises are designed to address your concerns that are very common remodeling concerns. We want you to move forward with confidence and security. If, for any reason, you are in doubt, ask us for referrals; our Clients are more than happy to give you THEIR Unique experience, first hand.

Impeccable Client Satisfaction

Houston Remodeling Process

Our Stellar Remodeling Process starts with Impeccable Client Satisfaction, from Concept to Completion. Every single member of the Unique Builders & Development Team is deeply committed to delivering Impeccable Client Satisfaction at every interaction, so much so that we have numerous rave reviews from our clients that speak on our behalf. These reviews highlight ways in which everyone from our team has gone above and beyond to deliver our Unique Promises in every way. All our team, from our Design Consultants to Project Manager and even our Accounting Manager has been known for this strong commitment and we are extremely honored!

Although our Unique Commitment is seen throughout our company, it is specifically embodied in our Client Satisfaction Professionals. From the very beginning, you’re introduced to one of our dedicated Client Satisfaction Professionals, who remain in constant communication with you from your Concept to Completion, even after we’re gone.  These Client Satisfaction Professionals are available for emergency calls whenever the need arises or to assist with warranty items and even future small projects. This investment in your home and Client Satisfaction is seldom found in our industry and it’s one of the many benefits of Unique Builders & Development that our clients rave about!

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Price Security

Houston Remodeling Process - Fixed Price

We hear a lot of other companies’ projects going bad because of “price jumping,” where production costs “unknowingly” exceeded homeowners’ budgets.  Although typical in this industry, this practice is most often found in smaller or newer companies that rely on your project to pay the bills. The good news is that Unique Builders & Development offers a “Unique Price Security” policy, meaning that our team does everything we can to ensure projects never exceed your budget expectations without full knowledge and authorization from you.  We do it like this:

Budget Range

From our very first interaction that is performed via phone call, our Client Satisfaction Professional will inquire about your budget range for your project. Although this may seem a bit intrusive, it gives us the preliminary budget range and lets us know where we can start.

Open Book Budget

While in the design process, Unique is developing your detailed project budgets with line by line actual cost. You’ll begin to see exactly what your project entails, line by line. With this level of transparency, there are no surprises and you can make educated financial decisions, based on your needs.

Unique Price Security

When the project is fully designed and ready for build, we can give you a permanent price for your project. This cost is locked in for the homeowner unless work is intentionally added, removed, or changed. This is a piece of mind that our clients absolutely appreciate!

Change Authorization Pre-Approval

Houston Remodeling Process - Fixed Price budget approval

Sometimes, during the course of a project, we get a request to change something or add on another project. Maybe it’s a “while you’re here” or a material or appliance upgrade, but whatever the situation, we want your approval before we change your price. Unique Builders & Development will always present you with a written Change Authorization first and won’t upgrade without your Approval.

By being upfront with budget, it allows us to maximize every dollar spent in your home and provide you with our “Unique Price Security” Guarantee, eliminating this common remodeling concern.

On Time Guarantee

Are you concerned that your remodel might drag on without a clearly defined finish date? Not with Unique Builders & Development. We are so confident in our On-Time Guarantee, that it’s in our slogan! We are pleased to make this commitment to our clients because we know that when our projects are finished on time, our clients have a Stellar Remodeling Process! We aim to make each and every experience Unique, just like you!

Complete Supervision

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Do you know how many people it takes to execute your custom remodel? Our clients do! They know there are dozens involved to make your experience a Unique Experience. Unique Builders & Developments dedicated full-time Project Managers are tasked with orchestrating the entire process! This dedication ensures that your project is always delivered On Time and On Budget, with the highest standards of excellence.

Our clients rave about their Project Managers, thoroughly impressed with how critical their role was in their projects success and how much they enjoyed their Unique Remodeling process.

Good Neighbor Practices

We all know that remodeling can be an inconvenience for the neighbors, but Unique Builders & Development knows that your neighbors are there long after your project is complete. At Unique Builders, we aim to proactively manage your neighbor communications and avoid the usual remodeling hassles by being a thoughtful neighbor. We make our presence welcoming instead of hassling by being clean, quick, and efficient. Neighbors of clients often call us thanking us for our consideration and even requesting our services as well. It helps everyone to be considerate and be a good neighbor!

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home, Unique Builders & Development assures you that you will have a Stellar Remodeling Process. We want you to ENJOY your Remodeling Experience now and in the years to come. With over 30 Years of experience and proudly serving Houston and its Surrounding Areas, find out why Unique Builders & Development is Houston’s Top Rated Remodeling Company! Schedule Your FREE Consultation TODAY!

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