Kitchen Range Hood

Whether you are beginning to cook or you consider yourself an expert home chef, it’s important that your kitchen is clean, safe and comfortable. An essential but often overlooked item in the kitchen is a range hood. The most important role of kitchen hood is to remove all the greasy, smoky, steamy, gaseous products that you don’t want hanging around your kitchen. A kitchen range hood does more than removing cooking smells and reduce heat, it also minimizes your kitchen cleaning time. A kitchen range hood is essential when your kitchen has wooden cupboards so as to avoid stains of oil and vapor spoiling them.

Kitchen Range Hood Types

kitchen range hood - Kitchen Range Hood Types Houston Remodeling

Kitchen hoods are available in different types. You need to consider the kitchen’s layout as well as the duct system in your home before choosing the right kitchen hood for your kitchen.

The most commonly seen range hood is the under-cabinet variety.

These are the least expensive type and are not very decorative or trendy. The under-cabinet range hood is mounted under a wall cabinet and attached to an exterior wall. They are generally not as powerful as others.

Island-mount or ceiling mount, as the name suggests, are attached to the ceiling.

This is the only freestanding hood set-up available for island top. They are available in different styles, material, and shape to complement your kitchen. Large, stylish and professional in appearance, wall mount range hoods are quite popular among homeowners. They are basically installed on the wall where there are no cabinets. They resemble an upside-down chimney in appearance.

The custom hood insert allows your kitchen ventilation system to blend seamlessly into the kitchen. An expert kitchen designer can help you choose right liner insert for your kitchen.

No matter what type you choose, make sure the range hood is of the same width- or slightly wider than the kitchen range. This will provide enough capture area so as to allow the range hood to suction the smoke and grease coming out of the cooking range.

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