Urr, well not really “Houston Transformed” rather TRANSFORMER…

Things at the main office started out a bit unusually today. About 20 minutes into our day of interviewing for an open position on our team, the lights surge. We had just enough time to unplug the computers, when everything went black. Always a little unnerving when the lights go out for no apparent reason. I mean, it’s a beautiful day! Sun broke through the winter gray, so it certainly wasn’t due to a storm.

Fortunately, around here, we think on our feet! Wink.

O.K. even though we are in the construction business and fixing people’s home electrical issues is right up our alley, you can’t point to where the problem is till you get a look inside the box. However, our electrical panel is down a long, now pitch dark, hallway, and in an even darker closet. The other half of the Unique Builders’ team…the ones with all the tools, like say umm a FLASHLIGHT, are all out on project sites.

Then it dawns on me!

Yesterday we got a small package in the mail. At the time it just seemed like junk. The company that sent it was offering to print our name on ‘give away’ items. We just aren’t in the market for that, soooo everything but the trinket went into the trash. The trinket happened to be a small flashlight. Really! It was as if a little angel sent it ahead!

Houston transformed

Our angel flashlight

Thanks to some unknown solicitor, we were able to get to the box safely and see nothing was wrong there. Turns out it was the transformer on the pole at the street. Houston really needs to get ‘transformed’ but that we can debate another time. Just feeling appreciative to the Angel who sent the flashlight. I’d love to thank them, unfortunately they printed OUR  contact info on the flashlight instead of theirs, the envelope had no return address and I couldn’t find the flyer that came with it. (Take note marketers, show off your abilities BUT DO sign your work.)

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was an Angel that sent a little help ahead of the bump in the road today.

Thank you Angel! Counting our blessings today in Houston, Texas.

Oh, and if you are in the market for a job… Unique Builders is looking for “think on your feet” construction project managers. Visit our company page on LinkedIn for the most up to date job opening information.

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