Engineered Stone Countertops vs. Natural Stone Kitchen Remodel

The countertop that you use in your kitchen remodel Houston project must be checked so you’ll have a better time with keeping your countertop looking its best. Engineered and natural stone countertops are good choices that you can add to your home in the Houston area but you need to figure out what the features and differences between these products are before making a choice.

Engineered Stone Options
Engineered stone countertops are made with crushed stones combined with a polymer resin to make a surface a little stronger. It typically uses quartz as the filler but colored glass can also be utilized. Also, epoxy is the most common resin to utilize here.
There are several benefits worth spotting on this option. This kind of stone is made to be stronger and capable of creating all sorts of added colors. They are also able to resist moisture and to prevent bacteria from spreading on remodel houston
Also, this can be found in many styles with different coloring effects added to different options. Most people try to make these items for remodeling purposes to look as close to marble as possible.
The big problem with this that it works for solid line designs only. It is difficult to get this to work well for curved designs.
This is relatively costly to use due to the added materials used to create engineered stone materials. It can cost up to $100 for one single square foot of coverage.

Natural Stone Countertops
A natural stone countertop typically comes from natural slabs or rock that are cut into pieces and sanded into shapes to fit on countertops. This typically involves large deposits of minerals to get countertops to look their best.
The styles that are available here include soapstone and marble styles for the most part. A lighter limestone color may also be used. Some of these countertops may be painted after the stones are fired up but this is remodel houston
One benefit of this is that the seams used in the installation process for natural stone countertops are invisible. Also, natural stone tends to have a dense surface to keep it sturdy.
One problem with a natural stone countertop is that it will have to be sealed every year to keep it safe and sturdy. It doesn’t have many naturally occurring properties for protecting itself. Also, a mineral oil solution might have to be added each week or month as well.
This comes with a price that is slightly lower than what an engineered option has. It will be available for around $70 per square foot on average.

Which to Use?
It’s up to you with regards to the option you want for your kitchen remodel Houston plans. You can go with either an engineered option that has a consistent body and a non-porous surface or a natural stone body that is thick, seamless and more affordable. An engineered body will have more color choices but a natural body can be prepared in a large variety of shapes. You should check with a provider of kitchen remodel Houston solutions to see what’s available.

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