6 Stylish Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathroom remodeling can be quite tedious especially the aspect of choosing your tile design since there is plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, you have to look out for color patterns as well as whether to mix and match tile designs or stick to a single pattern throughout. Tiles come in diverse types to enhance your new bathroom’s look. You may decide to play it cool and go with the ordinary styles however it is not that difficult to come up with an extraordinary pattern. Here are 6 popular tile types and styles to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project.

Ceramic tilemoasic tile floor
These are the most common type of lavatory tiles. The best ceramic tiles are clay- made and most of them are glazed giving them a glossy appearance. These types of tiles are easy to clean but have a very porous grout, which can stain easily. Ceramic is among the most durable flooring with proper care and maintenance it can last for decades. However, it is bound to chip out if a sharp or hard object falls on it. In addition, ceramic tiles come in numerous sizes, textures, colors and shapes, you can create unique and personalized designs.

Selection method
Don’t go for non-glazed tiles they are not perfect for bathroom floors. Remember that some imported varieties contain lead, they produce poisonous lead dust when cut or sawed. Note that imported hand painted and custom made ceramic tiles can be quite costly compared to off the shelf types.

Porcelain tiles
These tiles are a bit costly than ceramic tiles. They are resistant to scratches and chips than ceramic tiles. A newly polished porcelain tile doesn’t require any sealing. This saves on maintenance and installations costs. They can either be glazed or unglazed. The hard and dense porcelain surface has made polishing a practical option to glazed surfaces. This s implies that this tile type can be fired and polished thus creating a shine without glazing.

Selection method
The most vital step in porcelain tile selection is matching the tile to its use. If used in the bathroom it must be stain and spill resistant. It should also be tough, chemical resistant and non-absorbent to prevent fluid and water penetration. Porcelain tiles come in different shapes and can be arranged to create unique patterns.

Glass tilesglass-tile
This type of tiles is used on lavatory walls to add a stylish touch. Glass tiles are divided into iridescent type and mosaic glass tiles hence you can choose based on your taste. Installing glass tiles on lavatory walls gives a brilliant and classy look.

Selection method
If your bathroom is smaller, opt for transparent and lighter glass tiles. This will help in light reflection thus making your space appear larger. You should purchase extra tiles as some may break during installation. Settle on backsplash colors after selecting other room finishes. This will enable you compliment your floor or wall colors.

Natural stone
Natural stone is gaining popularity as a lavatory tile. Although granite has been a favorite material for creating distinctive vanity countertops, most homeowners are nowadays using natural stone on their bathroom walls and floors. This tile type creates a luxurious home spa appearance in bathrooms.

Selection method
Natural stone comes in different kinds including marble, granite, slate, sandstone and limestone. However, granite is the trendiest and admired stone tile. It has bold color shades that can add class and elegance to your bathroom’s appearance. You also have to consider durability and versatility characteristics of a natural stone tile.

Vinyl tileswood_grain_ceramic_tile
Vinyl tiles are made of decorated vinyl chips formed into sheets of various thicknesses. Vinyl tiles are favored in heavy traffic areas and moist areas like the bathroom because of it is durable, cheaper and easy to maintain. These tiles come in a variety of colors and designs.

Selection method
While buying vinyl tiles note that some are created to resemble stone, concrete, wood and terrazzo, so you ought to be careful. The tiles can be cut and grouped into decorative and colorful patterns. Go for the same color tiles for the floor and wall to create a spacious effect. 

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