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A walk-in shower has always been one of the favorite shower remodeling options for homeowners because it adds a modern touch to bathrooms, maximizes the space, and makes your bathroom look more spacious.

So, are you looking for some trendy and stylish walk-in shower designs for your home remodeling project in Houston? Just go through our suggestions listed below and pick any option you like.

1.      Walk-in Showers can Expand the Utility of your Bathroom

First of all, you need to determine the space you are willing to use for the shower remodel in your Houston home. Planning such elements ahead of time will save you from last minute chaos and you will also be able to execute your plan the way you want to. Walk-in showers are a perfect option to enlarge the utility of a small bathroom allowing it to appear more spacious. You can opt for a walk-in shower which provides a solid wall to accommodate tubs or vanities and also give it a modern touch with white colored walls, tiles, and glass doors. These elements will also allow the sunlight to reflect through the shower area making it look more airy.

2.      Pick a Corner for the Walk-in Shower

Although there is no such hard and fast rule for the placement of walk-in showers, it is preferable to choose any of the corners of the bathroom. A cornered walk-in shower will add more space to the bathroom while you can also install a built-in bench to add to its functionality. People often assume that corner walk-in showers are quite congested, but that is not true. You can expand the showering space by designing a neo-angled foundation along with a glass enclosure that opens up into the main bathing area.

3.      Place the Tub and Walk-in Shower within a Single Enclosure

UBT walk in shower 2

While opting for shower remodeling, homeowners in Houston often want their walk-in showers to be situated right beside their bathtubs. This structure is preferred by people who want to save space in their bathrooms by placing both the fixtures inside one enclosure. You can place a little soaking tub inside the enclosure of your walk-in shower and this two-in-one design will also keep the water splashes away from rest of the dry bathroom area.



4.      Install a Pedestal Sink Within the Reach of walk-in Shower

Nobody wants to extend their hands a long way or step out of their walk-in shower just to grab a shampoo, soap, or any other necessary item. So, try out a small pedestal sink along with a narrow shelf to accommodate all the necessary bathroom items. These fixtures can be a good replacement for the vanities allowing everything to be in your reach when showering.

5.      Try Leaving Out the Tub

If you are someone who likes to take a shower rather than a bath, then you always have an option of leaving out the bathtub from your Houston shower remodel. Instead of installing a tub, you can use the tub wall to design a roomier walk-in shower. This design works well for smaller bathrooms as you can build an extended walk-in shower without overcrowding the space.

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