UBT senior bathroom

Do you have a senior at home and are looking for some designs to make your bathroom in Houston a more senior-friendly one? Then you have landed on the right page!

Scroll down as we have listed some of the most useful and necessary bathroom additions you must consider for your bathroom remodeling project.

1.      Accessibility Matters!

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your bathroom remodels are accessible to your senior family members. For instance, a regular tub is not suitable for an elderly person because they won’t be able to climb up the tub wall. Therefore, instead of opting for a tub wall a few inches above the ground level, it’s better to build a walk-in tub for your seniors. Elderly people who are capable enough to manage on their own can certainly use the regular showers. However, it’s still preferable to go for a walk-in bathtub because it is safer than showering.

2.      Hand Rails/Grab Bars

Elderly people start losing their balance and ability to walk or stand as they age. That is why they need a constant support to hold. This is what hand rails are used for! Hand rails or grab bars are considered as one of the most useful bathroom remodels in Houston when there is a senior at home. Seniors need help to exit the shower, get off the toilet, or even reach to the sink, especially when they are not on a wheelchair. Therefore, it is very important to install hand rails in the bathroom, particularly near the vanity, toilet, bathtub/shower, and the bathroom door.

3.      Light Fixtures

You may want your home in Houston to be a serene place with dim lights and a tranquil atmosphere, but you must not forget that you have a senior at home! Homes having elderly people must be brightly lit so that seniors can walk around easily and when it comes to bathrooms, lighting should not be compromised on, even a bit! Therefore, install light fixtures in every corner of the bathroom to ensure that every area is properly lit.

4.      Prevent falls!

Bathroom remodels in Houston are not just limited to hand rails and lights. In fact, there’s much more to it, such as the anti-slip flooring! Because seniors are unable to walk or balance themselves, they are most likely to slip on the wet floors of the bathroom. Although homeowners try their best to keep the bathrooms dry as much as they can, unfortunate accidents happen.  Therefore, you must consider installing anti-slip flooring in your bathroom, so that it becomes safer for the seniors to move around without the risk of slipping.

5.      Replace the Door Knobs

You might not even pay attention to the difficulty a door knob may cause an elderly person but it can become a painful task, especially for seniors with Arthritis. However, the bathroom door knob can be replaced by a lever to make it easier for seniors to open.

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