5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Here To Stay

According to Houzz, a home design site, kitchen remodeling trends are on an upswing, and most homeowners are setting their gaze on the kitchen.
The site Houzz has recently released the results of the very first ever kitchen remodeling survey. House surveyed more than 7,500 homeowners who are in the process of planning a kitchen remodel. According to survey, most homeowners are opting for less dramatic color schemes, granite, new countertops and more open spaces. However, what is surprising is that most people are not wishing for bigger space upgrade. In fact, only one-third of the people being surveyed are wishing for a bigger space according to the survey. What is more surprising is that most homeowners are choosing to merge the kitchen with other rooms, adding more features like a kitchen island.
Below are 5 kitchen remodeling trends that are on the rise. From the looks of it, these trends are here to stay in the near future.

Stainless Steel
According to the survey, about 65% percent of homeowners are planning to incorporate steel appliances to the overall kitchen design. However, most of these homeowners are choosing to combine it with white or colored cabinetry with integrated appliances.

Chef’s Stoves
A lot of homeowners are wishing to incorporate high-end and top of the line cooking appliance such as Chef’s Stoves.
Bold And Bright Colors VS Soft And Neutral
Bright colors are definitely trendy. However, Houzz found out that about 74% are instead choosing classic and light colored schemes when it comes to their kitchen.
Wood Or Tile Flooring
Most homeowners are choosing to have a wood or tile flooring for their new kitchen. To be exact, 35% are choosing wood while tile flooring comes close with 32%.
Eco-Friendly Materialskitchen remodeling trends
According to the survey, about 50% of homeowners are saying that eco-friendly materials and appliances are important for them. For homeowners that are classifying eco-friendly appliances and materials as “extremely important” opted for tile flooring. Other groups tend to go for hardwood flooring.

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