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4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling an entire bathroom sounds easy only if you are a trained expert or someone who has gone through the bathroom remodels many times before.  If you’re not a professional, bathroom remodeling might not come easy to you. But that certainly does not mean that you shouldn’t take the plunge especially when we are here with four easy ideas to help you do the job like a pro!

1. Estimate the remodeling cost
First and foremost, you need to set a budget estimate of the bathroom remodeling cost. Consider all the details like design elements, material, colors, and every other change that you wish to bring in your bathroom structure. This will help you determine the amount you are willing to spend on the remodeling project. In addition to this, you also have to decide whether you will opt for any help or complete the project entirely on your own. This is important to decide before starting the project because a labor force will definitely increase the remodeling cost.

2. Design the storage areas
Once you have decided upon how much you are going to invest in your bathroom remodeling in Houston, get started on designing the layout next! We all need a storage space in our bathrooms and it gets tricky to design a storage area that adds beauty to the bathroom alongside providing ample space for all your bathroom items. First of all, determine how many and what types of storage areas you want. If you want to go for something big to store things like towels, then a little cupboard integrated into the wall will prove to be useful. For the in-shower storage, do not go for plastic shelves; instead opt for ceramic tile shelves or you can also build an in-the-wall shelf. Your soap, shampoo, and other necessary items will surely look great if placed inside a little in-shower storage space.

UBT bathroom23. Do not place the toilet right in the front
The next tip that we have for you is something that every designer who is an expert in bathroom remodels in Houston, will definitely suggest you consider…do NOT place your toilet right in front of the bathroom door! People often do not realize the importance of correct placement of the sanitary structures and commit such mistakes while doing bathroom remodeling. Why is this so necessary? Because bathroom doors are often left wide open and anyone passing by the bathroom will get to see the toilet in the first place. That doesn’t seem pleasing right? So try not to make the toilet as the center point of the washroom.   Instead you can replace it with an elegant looking counter top while shifting the toilet to somewhere more private.

4. Lighting and ventilation
Last but not least, lighting and ventilation is something you can’t overlook! Lighting plays an important role in making your bathroom look spacious and beautiful at the same time. Dim lights are certainly perfect for a cozy bath, but that should not be your main lighting for the entire bathroom. Make sure you also fit some bright lights that will add vibrancy to the place making it look larger. For ventilation, you must not forget to include large windows and ventilation fans in your Houston bathroom remodels. Because leaving the bathroom damp all the time is something that is likely to cause another renovation project quite soon!

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