We all know that the bathroom is a haven place for relaxation after a hard day’s work. However, when it becomes the most sought-after place in the house, things are becoming quite complicated. In this case, as a homeowner you should take into consideration the option of remodeling your bathroom in order to make it more attractive and comfortable. In the end, it all comes down to you feeling comfortable in your home.

In order to make the most out of your bathroom in terms of comfort and space, check the following 13 top bathroom remodel trends for new ideas.bathroom remodeling trends

1. Glass Tile
More and more homeowners resort to recycled-glass tiles for a soothing and relaxing underwater appearance.

2. Sun-Filled Bathroom
Another trend that sweeps all across the world is related to natural light. Homeowners prefer natural light, so they opt for large windows and skylights.

3. Remote Fan
In case you want to clear off windows and refresh the air ASAP, a remote fan could come in handy.

4. Bold Colors
For a more romantic yet funky vibe choose colors like magenta, crimson or mint green.

5. Multi-Head Showers
One of these fixtures brings in additional luxury and more functionality, especially when you want to enjoy a long and calming shower.

6. Smart Storage
While big drawers are certainly not a good option for the bathroom, bathroom designers have thought of vertical storage as an alternative to traditional means of storage.

7. Heated Tiles and Floor
For more comfort, heated floor and tiles will always be fashionable.

8. Green Products
Sustainability is certainly the trend of the next year. Capitalize on low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, buy natural commercial cleaning products and use only bathroom items made from environmentally friendly materials. By going green, you can save the nature while staying on top of your finances.

9. Sound Systems
Integrated shower sound systems are a cool and useful addition for any bathroom.

10. Low Flow Toilet
With dual flush technology you can reduce toilet and faucet water use.

11. Framed Mirrors
Furniture-style elements are always a hot trend in the bathroom remodeling industry.

12. Steam Showers
The best way to turn your bathroom into a spa getaway is to take advantage of the benefits offered by modern steam showers.

13. Remote Control TV
Lastly, for complete entertainment, add a TV or a stereo that can be remote-controlled. All these bathroom remodel trends will still be hot in 2014 and 2015. Hence, try to implement that cater to your needs.

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