The Ideal Kitchen Remodel

When thinking about a kitchen remodel, today’s designers are coming up with innovative new ways to transform dull spaces into exceptional rooms. In 2013,we’ve seen some new trends explode onto the market with tremendous results. Below you will find the top ten new trends in kitchen remodeling in 2013:

1. Combining Classic and Contemporary Styles
When looking to create a unique space, one of the newest trends designers are working on is the combination of different styles. classic-contemporary-kitchen-design-gallery-plansOne of the most interesting and appealing combinations to date is the mix of contemporary and classic accents. Taking a classic kitchen with a cozy feel and adding contemporary accents makes the room feel hip and modern.
2. Clean Lines
One of the most interesting and striking things that can be done in a modern kitchen is to emphasize clean lines. These lines draw the eye to the various pieces in the room and give the kitchen a clean, modern look. These lines can also complement the architecture of the home through drawing guests eyes to certain points that you want them to see.
3. Emphasizing a Soft Look
With new styles of counter tops and fixtures coming out every year, designers are taking advantage of many new products. One such product that is making waves in the kitchen remodeling market is the “soft look” counter tops that have come out. These counters lend themselves perfectly to a minimalist and contemporary design.
4. Eclectic Collection Kitchen
Moving away from modern styles to a more comfortable and “destination” feel, the combination of a variety of different objects and styles from all across the globe can create wonderful conversations with guests. One of the best ways to showcase these objects is to blend the appliances in with cabinetry to make sure the objects are the center of attention.Eclectic Collection Kitchen
5. Staying Flexible
Choosing a palettes that is flexible and lends itself to a variety of different accents is another trend that many designers are embracing. Flexible palettes allow homeowners to swap out their accent pieces easily and fluidly when their design styles or the seasons change.
6. Commercial Feel
On the other end of the spectrum from many home kitchens are those with a commercial feel. These kitchens are well appointed with a variety of appliances and tools to make every home chef’s dreams come true. This feel is not only achieved with appliances and counter tops, but also the amount of space that is available for preparation and cooking. A good designer can help make the perfect staging area for your food preparation needs.
7. Dark and Light Combinations
By mixing dark and light, designers are creating beautiful contrasting looks that make a space truly inspiring. These kitchens can have a both a modern or classic feel, depending on the accessories and accents chosen. A very versatile look, these contrasts look great in large and small kitchens.
8. Bright Lighting
While most people tend to focus on cabinets and counter tops, lighting has seen an increase in popularity this year. With stunning large pieces or small compact under-counter lighting, ample lighting is key to a beautiful kitchen. Many designers have started to embrace statement light fixtures that serve as conversation piece where as, in years past, lights often faded into the background.
9. Making Black and White Poplight and dark kitchen
Black and white have always been a classic combination in kitchens. Designers still love to use these two colors, but with strong accent colors to really make them pop. Whether by adding contrasting hardwood floors or other accent pieces, designers can really draw the emphasis to the black and white features of a kitchen with a few simple additions.
10. Farmhouse Chic
Curtain style sinks and other farmhouse accents have reclaimed their place in 2013. With classically inspired farm house pieces, many designers are taking advantage of these elements to bring a taste of country flair into the 21st century.
Whether looking to make a classic or modern kitchen, Unique Builders and Development, Inc. can help make your dreams a reality. With experts in a wide array of home remodeling projects and design, we can transform a dull kitchen space into a room you’ll never want to leave. With years of experience in quality residential craftsmanship, our team can help make your kitchen remodeling go smoothly and efficiently.

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