Are you ready for a Hurricane?

It is indeed a fact that seasonal hurricanes do not hit the United States annually but if you are living on or near the coastline, you may face category 3 or even more serious hurricanes this year. It is for this reason and more that you always be prepared to protect yourself against property losses and harm associated with hurricanes every year. However, some people are not aware of some of the things they should do in readiness for the 2013 hurricane season. The following are some of the most crucial steps you should take given that June, the season for hurricanes, is approaching.

Step 1: Review your insurance policies
This is one of the most important things you should do in preparation for the 2013 hurricane season. You can do it by yourself or by hiring an independent insurance agent. Some of the aspects you should consider include checking if your insurance cover is up to date. This means that your current insurance cover should reflect the current state of your home and other insured properties. For instance, if you are remodeling your home, then it is very paramount that you inform your insurance company. Also, ensure that you have an insurance cover that covers for additional living expenses that come with payment for additional costs of food and a new place to stay if the hurricanes destroys your home. Make sure that you have a coverage for floods that accompany hurricanes.

Step 2: Carry out an inventory of your home

The-Preparedness-TestThis is one of the best ways to stay up to date with every fine detail of what you own. It forms a basis for filing an insurance claim while ensuring that you do not forget anything. You can accomplish this using a number of methods like videotaping as you narrate the details of every item you own from one room to another. You can also use a notepad to write down the details of each item as you take pictures. You should be keen not to forget items in your closets, cabinets and drawers. Ensure that you update your inventory, especially for expensive items like jewelry and collectibles.

Step 3: Protect your property

Protecting your property before 2013 hurricane season is a measure you should undertake if you want to save yourself the hassle associated with filing claims for the compensation of a long list of items you own. Remember that, protecting you property only takes a few minutes and can save you hours afterwards. For instance, you should install hurricane shutters for each window, head and foot bolts for doors and hurricane clips or straps to help hold the windows, doors and the roof of your home in the event of hurricanes. Consider hiring a building company to do this for you.

Step 4: Ensure that your emergency supply kit is well-stocked

What-to-Pack-in-Your-First-Aid-Kit-PicIf you are staying home during the 2013 hurricane season, then it is very vital that you stock your emergency kit with essential medicines including contact lenses and eyeglasses. Also, include personal items like toothpaste and toothbrush, toilet paper, eating utensils and pre-moistened towelettes.Also, consider a first aid kit and manual, citronella candles and mosquito repellents. These items and others will help ensure that you stay healthy during storms.

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