50 Amazing Pendant Light Options


Pendant Lighting: 50 Amazing Pendant Light Options for Your Home

What kind of pendant lights are best for my home?

Consider your style and decor and take it from there. Choosing similar colors to your overall decor will help, or go big and bold with a pendant light that provides an interesting contrast to the room. Large, single pendant styles are certainly statement pieces, but don’t overlook smaller pendants, which make a huge statement when grouped together. When choosing groups of pendants, remember the “Rule of Three”, which will help you maintain a rhythmic balance.

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At what height should I position my pendant lamp?

How far your pendant light is suspended from the floor or a table surface depends on what area you’re placing it in. Rule of thumb:

• Dining Table: Suspension about 30 to 36 inches above the table. Ample illumination while reducing glare at the same time are the goals when hanging for Dining Tables.

• Bar or Raised Counter: Float the bottom of your pendant about 30 inches above the counter surface. For desks, float about 16 inches from the surface. These can change depending on the height of yourself and your family.

• Foyer: Hang your pendant about 7 Feet from the floor to illuminate without touching.

Bathroom: Suspend an eye-catching hanging lamp or cluster of pendants near eye level and about 18 inches from the center of your sink. This unconventional lighting style will eliminate those pesky shadows under your chin, cheeks and eyes.

• Ceilings Higher Than Eight Feet: For ceilings taller than eight feet, add on three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height.

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