Check Your Kitchen Remodeling Cost Before Renovating Your Kitchen

The secret to not “breaking the bank” on your kitchen remodeling cost is meticulous planning. When working together with a builder, request a breakdown of the expenses. Cost can be adjusted depending on your current kitchen, the extent of the project; whether you want a total renovation or an update, and the state of the local economy. 

According to the NKBA, National Kitchen and Bath Association, kitchen remodeling costs are broken down into various categories by percentages. Design fees 4%, faucets and plumbing 4%, walls and ceiling 5%, door and window 4%, flooring 7%, lighting 5%, countertops 10%, cabinetry and hardware 29%, appliance and ventilation 14%, installation 17%, other

A breakdown in your kitchen remodeling cost should include costs for:

-Materials like cabinets, lumber, hardware, insulation, windows, doors, etc.

-Subcontractors cost for painters, electrician, heating contractor, plumber, tile installers, etc.

Eventually, your kitchen will be a reflection of your lifestyle. However, rules are not “written in stone” as far as kitchen remodeling cost is concerned. How you spend and save your money depends on your preferences.


Appliances: Be sensible and install energy efficient models with warranties.

Countertops: If the countertop will be the highlight of your kitchen, spending more is worth it. Stone countertops costs more than laminate ones; however, a stone countertop will exude quality and beauty; thereby, adding value to your restoration.

Cabinetry: Some expenses can increase cabinet prices such as delivery, installation, and tax. Features like extra-shelves and additional trays can add over $1000 to your expenditures.

Hardware: Handles, pulls, and knobs can enliven a kitchen regardless of your budget. You can spend as little as $1 at a home store or as much as $100 from a custom interior designer.

Tile: Ceramic may be the tile of choice, but porcelain works as well. Porcelain tile is more resilient against cracking and chipping, and will be gentle on your kitchen remodeling cost too.

TIP: Select timeless styles. For example, a lustrous, white-subway tile will age with your kitchen but never appear outdated.

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