A beautifully remodeled bathroom can provide a luxurious retreat to relax and cleanse the body. Studies also show that remodeling a bathroom offers one of the highest returns you can make in your property. Unfortunately, bathroom remodeling can be a challenging task. Bathrooms can be a difficult space to work in and alterations need to be carefully planned before work begins. Below you can find some important do’s and don’ts when remodeling your bathroom.

bathroom remodel do's

Do Use Larger Tiles
Larger tiles can make the bathroom much easier to maintain and keep looking good. 18 by 18 inch tiles on the floor and 12 by 12 inch tiles on the wall usually works well. These larger tiles will reduce the number of grout lines, which will lower the amount of time that you need to spend cleaning.

Do Consider Enamel On Steel Sinks
When choosing sinks for your bathroom consider using enamel on steel. This has the same aesthetic qualities of enamel but is highly durable and more stain resistant. Stainless steel is another popular and easy to maintain choice for bathroom sinks.

Do Allow A Financial Cushion
Bathroom remodeling can often reveal unforeseen problems. This is why it is important to add a little financial cushion to your budget. Budget for an additional 10 – 15% for your bathroom remodel.

Don’t Cut Corners On Items That Get A Lot Of Wear
It can be tempting to cut corners and purchase less expensive items for your bathroom but long term this is a mistake. Tiles and faucets are something will get a lot of wear and so need to be durable. If you want to cut your budget a little, consider going for less expensive light fittings.

Don’t Leave The Toilet Exposedbathroom remodeling don'ts
If possible consider concealing the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. The toilet can be hidden away by placing a wall or half wall between it and the rest of the room. A more inexpensive option is to use a dresser or armoire to hide it away.

Don’t Forget About Water Usage
Finally don’t forget about water usage when performing your remodel. If you add body sprays or multiple showerheads it’s going to increase your water usage. Not only can this be more expensive, it may also necessitate upgrading your plumbing lines to accommodate the additional water flow. These changes should be incorporated into your bathroom remodeling budget in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

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