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An Exquisite Guide To Attic Conversion

Attic conversions add living space in the attic area. This is a wonderful way to leverage natural lighting using skylights and leverage existing space.

Space, space, space – if your family is seeking extra living space, its a great idea to look at the attic space for expansion. Attic conversions in Houston, is on the rise, as more families seek extra rooms and living areas in the home.

Houston attic conversions can be designed and remodeled into bedrooms additions, living areas as a game room, theater rooms, office, and hobby rooms, or an entirely separate living quarters.

Of course, this all depends on the height and width of your attic area and how much square footage is available to design the required living area you seek.

Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Remodeling Contractors

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Attic Conversions For Living Space Expansion

Bedroom Conversion: The attic brings a wonderful way to remodel the attic space into extra bedrooms. The bedrooms can be used as older kids’ space or guest rooms with amazing skylights and layout.  Our remodeling design team can work with you to create a unique space that is functional and design in seating areas, storage space, and built-ins.  This along with proper lighting, and stairway access to the attic bedroom, you can finally have the extra living space you always wanted in your home.

Home Theater: The attic space is just the right location to make a home theater room for the family.  We can design and wire in the media area, with bucket movie seats, lounge area, space for the pop-corn machines, lighting that dims, and a floor plan that is ideal for just 2 or many.  Saturday night move time with the entire family in the attic home theater room — now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Game Room: Whether you have small children, teenagers or the attic game room is for the entire family – it’s bound to be a hit. The attic space is ideal as a playroom.  It provides the space, the layout and the decore can be fun and the focus can be on entertainment for the entire family.  Imagine the wonderful memories of the family playing in the game room and spending quality time with each other and friends in the attic game room.

Walk-in Closets:  Who does not need more closet space and storage space in the house?  Can you see the envy of your neighbors and friends when they know that you converted the attic into your walk-in closet?  The attic closet can be designed with rods for all of your hanging clothes, shoe racks, and full-length mirrors, even a makeup area, and jewelry.

Bring your ideas, allow our remodeling design team to show you how we can bring it to life, call us today!

Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Living Space

Houston Attic Conversion Remodeling Guide

Is your attic eligible for attic conversion?

The first and most crucial factor for an attic conversion project is to make sure you have adequate attic height and width for your home expansion.  It’s a good idea to measure the space and the height should be at least 7 feet from the ceiling to the floor.  If the attic height is smaller, we have ways to expand the rooftop or find other options for you.

Cost of an attic conversion remodeling?

The cost of attic conversion will depend on many factors, such as relocating the air conditioning, plumbing, hot water tank (if in the attic), type of flooring, walls, insulation, windows, air conditioning, and labor to build out space.  We provide you with a detailed attic conversion remodeling cost estimates and also offer financing options.

Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Remodeling Contractors

Key design factors when considering an attic conversion

  • Attic Conversion – insulating & air conditioning: the attics tend to get very hot, therefore, it’s critical to ensure the enclosure is properly insulated and shielded from the Houston heat.  Air conditioning the attic is a critical design consideration. As part of the cost estimates, we plan and think through the design requirements to leverage your existing HVAC system to cool and heat this extra space.
  • Attic Conversion – attic walls & ceilings: as part of the designing of the attic space, we have to consider the materials needed to convert the attic space into the type of living area per your requirements. Living areas, storage areas, bathrooms, bedrooms — all of this requires sheetrock, taping, floating, ceiling, tiles, baseboards, trims, etc.  Also, consider design to include built-in shelves and sitting areas to maximize the space.
  • Attic Conversion – lighting, electrical & plumbing: as part of the planning and design process, it’s important to ensure all electrical and plumbing codes are followed to ensure proper installation of electrical outlets, plumbing work necessary per your project requirements, and fighting for space.  Ideally, best to implement recessive lighting in the ceilings for aesthetic and functional use of the space.
  • Attic Conversion – flooring: Flooring is an essential aspect of converting into a wonderful living space.  Floors in the attic require proper floorboards and then going over the area to ensure there is no squeaking. Once the squeaking is addressed, thereafter the flooring should be leveled before the final flooring is added such as carpet or tiles.  We recommend adding floor insulation to reduce hearing footsteps.
  • Attic Conversion – Windows & skylights: The attic can be dark without windows and skylights.  Attic windows and skylights should be watertight, insulated, high-quality materials.  The installation of windows and skylights is especially critical to be handled by professionals with significant experience to ensure its weather-resistant to hot & cold weathers, heavy rains, high winds, and hail storms.
  • Attic Conversion – Stairs to the attic: Most attics have a standard pull-down steps to get to the attic area. As part of the design of the attic space conversion adding a stairway and connecting the space to your existing home for the best functional and flow is an important factor to consider.

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Attic conversions are the best options for families looks to gain additional space — that expands living areas within your existing home framework.  A well-designed attic conversion can add significant value to your home. Increase the square footage of your living area for functional use of the space as additional bedrooms, living room, playroom, office, hobby room, bathroom, gym, closet, storage space, and more.

Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Remodeling Contractors

Our team of attic conversion designers calculates the additional ducts and vents needed and ensure that you have comfortable attic space as an extension of your home. Contact us today for a free attic remodeling estimate.

Whether it’s a game room, a sunroom addition, a second floor addition, attic conversions, a room above the garage, or a garage conversion – we use a delicate balance of form and function to create the room addition of your dreams.

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Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Living Area
Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Luxury Bathroom
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Attic Conversion Houston - Attic Bathroom
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