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Showers.  Whether it’s first thing in the morning to prepare you for your long day or your perfect way to relax after work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a shower remodel.  Here are 5 innovative ideas to remodel your shower and let all the stress of daily life just drain out with the water.

  1. Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are elegant and chic. These showers give a modern appeal to the washroom and make use of the available space efficiently.  Glass-enclosed showers give an airy and bright appearance to the showering area.  Some glamorous washrooms make the walk-in showers the central point by installing a round walk-in shower. You can even create your own spa.

  1. Digital Showers

What could be better for a shower remodel than a state of the art shower that actually has electronic control panels which let you change the temperature and the pressure of the water?  The main control panel can be installed at a distance and you can switch the shower heads and could even fill up the bath digitally.

  1. High Pressure Showers

Want to amp up the water pressure in your shower? Change the shower head – it really is that simple. High pressure showers give your tired muscles a great massage. If you want to go for a classic shower remodel in Houston, then a high pressure shower head is an easy solution. A specifically designed shower head will provide you with high water pressure from the same amount of water that you are already using.  Installing these shower heads is an effective way of preserving water as well as getting the necessary pressure.

  1. Electric Showers

These showers are not too expensive to get (but bear in mind that electricity costs will increase) and are readily available in the market if you are considering a shower remodel in Houston. These showers are particularly great for supplying heated water, and you can be sure you will never run out of warm water even if someone opens other taps around the house. Instead of heating the whole tank, these showers heat only the water that you use. Only a certified electrician can install these showers.

  1. Mixer Showers

Typically, more powerful than electric showers, these showers draw both warm and chilled water. If you are going for a shower remodel in Houston, then make sure that you contact a reliable plumber for advice on which mixer shower to choose from since there are several types available – single lever, dual control, sequential, and concentric.

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