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Are you looking for stylish yet comfortable bathroom remodels in Houston? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Read on as we have covered here the 5 best upgrades you should incorporate in your bathroom remodeling project.

1.      Comfortable Glass Showers

Installing glass doors in walk-in showers is something that adds a luxurious appeal to the shower and the entire bathroom. But glass doors are beyond the looks! They also offer comfort by allowing you to enter the shower without any step or ledge in between, which is great especially for elderly family members.

2.      Storage Spaces Are a Must-Have

Gone are the days when bathrooms were only outfitted with a shower, sink, and toilet. Now bathroom remodels in Houston include many other upgrades such as a storage area. People tend to keep their grooming and makeup products in their bathrooms instead of other rooms. So instead of cluttering up everything on the counter tops, it’s better to build a separate storage area with drawers and cabinets to hold all the necessary items from sanitary products to cosmetics. You can opt for a variety of options, from closed to open storage spaces; or try out something like glass door inserts if you want to avoid cabinetry for your bathroom.

UBT modern bathroom3.      Install Floating Vanities

Ever heard of a floating vanity? Well, this is one of the top bathroom upgrades that have been trending for quite a while. A floating vanity is actually just the regular bathroom vanity, but it is installed a few inches above the floor level.  Floating vanities add a modern appeal to any bathroom while the open space between the floor and the vanity makes the whole place feel more airy. You can opt for different designs of floating vanities from a simple wooden plank with a sink on top to a vanity equipped with drawers and double sinks.

4.      Opt For a Cozy Shower Bench

What if you get tired while taking a shower and wants to sit for while? Well shower benches are there to relax you! Just like normally bathrooms are equipped with spas and Jacuzzis, a seat installed in the shower will also add the much needed comfort to your bathing experience. The best seat in the shower is the built-in bench which extends from one of the walls of the showering area. An elegant way of setting up a shower bench is to build it with the same tiles and colors that match the shower; otherwise you can also go for a bench made of glass or teak.

5.      Go For Tiled Rugs

Tiled rugs are one of those bathroom remodels in Houston that adds a customized touch to the entire bathroom. Earlier, homeowners used to prefer area rugs because they add a cozy feel to the place but now tiled rugs are also becoming a new favorite. You can play with various patterns and designs and come up with something unique for your bathroom’s personalized look.

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